Grumpy Butcher Steaks and Chops

Who needs a butcher when you can simply have all your meet products sent directly to your home? I mean after all, we are living in the 21st Century! Just like many other grocery and retail stores who have begun to make it possible to get your groceries and other goods delivered, why not have your meat products delivered as well? Click this link to see pricing: (Amazon)

As long as eating out continues to get more and more expensive, we may as well try to eat well at home! Maybe even eat better! I know in my household, our budget has been blessed because we are staying home more often than we are going out to eat. Besides, I really do enjoy cooking on my Weber Grill! The 22 inch Weber is the best grill on the planet! It does it all! Click this link to see pricing: (Amazon)

Another necessity for the Meatatarian is a good supply of charcoal! Charcoal is the best way to grill, smoke, or cook anything on your Weber Grill! I recommend Kingsford Charcoal. It not only is a classic at all the BBQ cook-off competitions but has been used for generations of meatatarians over the years! Click this link for pricing: (Amazon)

Oh, and one last thing. It has been very helpful to use this KINGSFORD Heavy Duty Deluxe Charcoal Chimney Starter! It is the best way to get your charcoal to just the right temperatureand have the best results when cooking Grumpy Butcher Steaks on your Weber Grill! For pricing click this link: (Amazon)

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